The Best Coffee Makers of 2024

In a world where coffee is more than just a morning ritual, finding the perfect coffee maker is akin to discovering a hidden gem. The year 2024 brings a plethora of innovative coffee makers that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re an espresso connoisseur or a fan of cold brew, there’s a coffee maker for you. In this article, we’ll explore the best coffee makers of 2024, each offering a unique brewing experience.

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The Evolution of Coffee Makers

Guide to Different Types of Coffee 2023

From Drip to Percolate

Coffee makers have come a long way from the simple drip machines of the past. Modern technology has transformed them into versatile brewing systems, each with its own set of features. Let’s delve into the evolution of coffee makers and how they’ve adapted to our fast-paced lives.

The journey of coffee makers began with the straightforward drip coffee machines. These early models consisted of little more than a water reservoir, a heating element, and a basket for ground coffee. While they served their purpose admirably, they lacked the sophistication that today’s coffee lovers crave.

As the years passed, manufacturers began to incorporate advancements that revolutionized the coffee-making process. One significant development was the introduction of programmable features, allowing users to set brewing times in advance. This innovation was a game-changer for those seeking a fresh cup of coffee as soon as they woke up.

Types of Coffee Makers

Guide to Different Types of Coffee 2023

Espresso Machines

Espresso lovers rejoice! The market is flooded with cutting-edge espresso machines that promise café-quality shots in the comfort of your home. These machines offer precision and customization, ensuring that your espresso is brewed to perfection.

The art of brewing espresso has reached new heights in 2024. Espresso machines now boast features like adjustable water temperature, pressure profiling, and even smartphone connectivity. These advancements give you complete control over your espresso shots, allowing you to tailor them to your specific taste.

Drip Coffee Makers

For those who prefer a classic cup of joe, drip coffee makers are still a top choice. They offer simplicity and convenience, making them a staple in many households. With advanced models, you can even program your brew to suit your schedule.

Drip coffee makers have remained a beloved choice because of their reliability and ease of use. In 2024, they’ve evolved to include features like single-cup brewing, customizable brew strength, and even integrated grinders. This means you can enjoy freshly ground coffee every morning without the hassle of a separate grinder.

French Press

The French press is the epitome of manual coffee brewing. It allows you to control every aspect of the brewing process, resulting in a rich and full-bodied coffee. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate the art of coffee making.

French presses have endured the test of time because of their simplicity and ability to extract robust flavours from coffee beans. In recent years, they’ve undergone subtle improvements in terms of design and materials, ensuring a durable and stylish addition to your coffee routine.

Cold Brew Makers

Guide to Different Types of Coffee 2023

Cold brew enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Cold brew makers have gained popularity for their ability to produce a smooth and less acidic coffee concentrate. With the rising trend of iced coffee, these machines are a must-have.

Cold brew makers have become more accessible and user-friendly. Many now come with dedicated features for cold brewing, allowing you to effortlessly prepare refreshing iced coffee at home. Plus, they’re designed to create a concentrate that can be diluted to your desired strength, giving you full control over your cold brew experience.

Features to Look for

What Makes a Coffee Maker Stand Out?

When choosing a coffee maker, it’s essential to consider the features that align with your preferences. Here are some key aspects to look for:

Brewing Capacity

Are you a solo coffee drinker or do you entertain guests often? The brewing capacity of a coffee maker matters. Some machines cater to single cups, while others can handle a whole pot.

Brew Strength Control

Customization is key. Look for a coffee maker that allows you to adjust the brew strength to suit your taste buds, whether you prefer mild or bold flavours.

Grinder Integration

Freshly ground beans elevate your coffee experience. Opt for a coffee maker with a built-in grinder for that unbeatable aroma and flavour.

Top Picks for 2024

Now that we’ve explored the types and features, it’s time to reveal the top coffee makers of 2024.

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Experience barista-level expertise with the Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine. Its precise temperature control and impressive steam power ensure perfect espressos every time.

Technivorm Moccamaster

The Technivorm Moccamaster is the gold standard of drip coffee makers. It brews at the ideal temperature range, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

Aeropress Go

For the adventurous coffee lover, the Aeropress Go is a portable gem. It’s perfect for travellers who refuse to compromise on coffee quality.

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Beat the summer heat with the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker. It produces a silky-smooth coffee concentrate that’s ideal for iced coffee lovers.


In 2024, the world of coffee makers is brimming with options to satisfy every coffee craving. Whether you prioritize convenience, precision, or versatility, there’s a coffee maker tailored to your needs. Embrace the evolution of coffee brewing and elevate your daily coffee ritual.

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What is the best coffee maker for beginners?

For beginners, a drip coffee maker with easy-to-use features like programmability and brew-strength control is an excellent choice. Look for brands like Keurig and Hamilton Beach for user-friendly options.

Are espresso machines suitable for home use?

Absolutely! Many espresso machines designed for home use offer features comparable to those in cafes. The Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine is a prime example.

Can I use pre-ground coffee with a grinder-integrated coffee maker?

Yes, you can. Grinder-integrated coffee makers often have the option to use pre-ground coffee, making them versatile for various coffee preferences.

What’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, resulting in a smooth concentrate. Iced coffee is brewed hot and then cooled down, often diluted with ice.

Are French presses challenging to use?

While they require a bit of practice, French presses are not overly challenging. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the control and flavour they offer.

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