The Best Cocktail Bars London Has to Offer

London, a city renowned for its rich history, iconic landmarks, and diverse cultural offerings, also boasts a thriving cocktail scene. From classic elegance to trendy vibes, the city is home to an array of cocktail bars that cater to different tastes and preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore the best cocktail bars London has to offer, each with its unique charm and signature drinks.

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Best Cocktail Bars London Has to Offer

London’s cocktail culture has evolved, and the demand for high-quality mixology has skyrocketed recently. As more people seek unique and memorable drinking experiences, the city has witnessed the rise of exceptional cocktail bars. Join us on a journey through the top establishments, each offering a distinct atmosphere and a menu of expertly crafted cocktails.

Classic Elegance: The Savoy’s American Bar

History and Legacy

The American Bar at The Savoy holds a prestigious history, dating back to the late 19th century. Known for its classic elegance and timeless appeal, this bar has been a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts for decades.

Signature Cocktails

The menu at the American Bar features a selection of signature cocktails that pay homage to its rich history. From the iconic Hanky Panky to the contemporary White Lady, each drink is a masterpiece crafted by skilled mixologists.

Ambiance and Decor

Stepping into the American Bar is like entering a bygone era of sophistication. The opulent decor, combined with live piano music, creates a refined ambiance that complements the exceptional drinks.

Trendy Vibes: Nightjar in Shoreditch

Unique Presentation of Cocktails

Nightjar in Shoreditch is renowned for its innovative and visually stunning cocktail presentations. From smoking concoctions to drinks served in unusual glassware, each creation is a feast for the eyes.

Live Music and Entertainment

Beyond its exceptional drinks, Nightjar offers a unique experience with live jazz and blues performances. The vibrant atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for those seeking a lively and entertaining night out.

Specialized Mixologists

The mixologists at Nightjar are true artists, constantly pushing the boundaries of mixology. Their expertise in combining flavors and textures results in cocktails that are both delightful and memorable.

Hidden Gems: Experimental Cocktail Bars

Discreet Entrances and Exclusivity

Experimental Cocktail Club takes the concept of hidden gems to a new level with discreet entrances and an air of exclusivity. The intimate setting makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a more private and upscale experience.

Innovative and Experimental Drinks

True to its name, Experimental Cocktail Club offers a menu filled with inventive and experimental drinks. Each sip is a journey of flavors, and patrons can expect the unexpected with every visit.

Intimate Atmosphere

The cozy and intimate atmosphere at Experimental Cocktail Club sets the stage for meaningful conversations and unforgettable moments. The dim lighting and plush furnishings contribute to the overall allure of this hidden gem.

Rooftop Bliss: Frank’s Cafe in Peckham

Panoramic Views of London

For those who appreciate a breathtaking backdrop while sipping on their favorite cocktails, Frank’s Cafe in Peckham offers panoramic views of the London skyline. The rooftop setting adds a touch of magic to every visit.

Seasonal and Refreshing Cocktails

Frank’s Cafe is known for its seasonal cocktail menu, featuring refreshing and innovative drinks. The laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular choice for both locals and visitors seeking a relaxed evening with a view.

Laid-back Atmosphere

The laid-back atmosphere at Frank’s Cafe creates a welcoming and unpretentious vibe. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or a casual drinker, this rooftop gem has something for everyone.

Historical Charm: Rules in Covent Garden

Oldest Restaurant in London

Step into Rules, and you step back in time. As the oldest restaurant in London, this establishment exudes historical charm. The cozy bar area is a haven for those seeking classic British cocktails in a traditional setting.

Classic British Cocktails

Rules take pride in its extensive list of classic British cocktails. From the timeless Pimm’s Cup to the robust Gin and Tonic, each drink is a nod to the rich heritage of British libations.

Victorian-era Ambiance

The Victorian-era ambiance at Rules adds to the overall charm of the experience. Dark wood paneling, leather seats, and low lighting create an intimate setting reminiscent of a bygone era.

Diversity on Display: Trailer Happiness in Notting Hill

Caribbean-inspired Cocktails

Trailer Happiness brings a taste of the Caribbean to Notting Hill with its vibrant and flavorful cocktails. The menu is a celebration of tropical ingredients and bold flavors that transport patrons to distant shores.

Quirky Decor and Tiki Vibes

The decor at Trailer Happiness is as lively as its cocktails. Tiki-inspired elements and quirky artifacts create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, making it a favorite among those seeking a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

Approachable and Friendly Atmosphere

Despite its eclectic decor, Trailer Happiness maintains an approachable and friendly atmosphere. The unpretentious vibe makes it an ideal spot for both cocktail enthusiasts and those new to the world of mixology.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest: Dandelyan at the Mondrian

Award-winning Mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana

Dandelyan, located at the Mondrian, is the brainchild of award-winning mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana. His innovative approach to mixology has earned Dandelyan a reputation for pushing the boundaries of flavor.

Botanical-themed Cocktails

The cocktails at Dandelyan are a celebration of botanical flavors and unexpected combinations. Each drink is a masterpiece, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines this exceptional bar.

Chic and Modern Setting

Beyond its extraordinary drinks, Dandelyan boasts a chic and modern setting. The sleek design and panoramic views of the Thames River create an ambiance that is both sophisticated and inviting.

A Taste of the Orient: Opium in Chinatown

Asian-inspired Cocktails

Opium in Chinatown offers a unique blend of Asian-inspired cocktails that captivate the senses. From sake-infused creations to traditional Chinese ingredients, each drink tells a story of the Orient.

Multi-level Lounge Setting

Spread across multiple levels, Opium features a lounge setting that adds an element of mystique to the overall experience. Each floor offers a different ambiance, providing patrons with a journey through various cultural influences.

Dim Sum and Drinks Pairing

To elevate the experience, Opium offers dim sum and drinks pairing. This innovative approach ensures that both the food and drinks complement each other, creating a harmonious dining and drinking adventure.

Sustainable Sips: Scout in Shoreditch

Zero-waste Approach to Cocktails

Scout in Shoreditch takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. The bar follows a zero-waste approach to cocktails, sourcing ingredients locally and minimizing environmental impact.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

The menu at Scout reflects a dedication to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Each cocktail is a testament to the bar’s philosophy of creating delicious drinks with a minimal ecological footprint.

Minimalist and Eco-friendly Decor

The minimalist decor at Scout aligns with its eco-friendly approach. Reclaimed wood, recycled materials, and a simple yet stylish design contribute to the bar’s overall commitment to sustainability.

Whiskey Wonderland: Black Rock in Shoreditch

Extensive Whiskey Selection

For whiskey enthusiasts, Black Rock in Shoreditch is a haven. The bar boasts an extensive selection of whiskey from around the world, offering a diverse range of flavors and profiles.

Whiskey Blending Experience

Black Rock takes the whiskey experience to the next level with its whiskey blending sessions. Patrons can create their custom blends, making each visit a personalized and interactive journey into the world of whiskey.

Industrial-chic Design

The industrial-chic design of Black Rock adds a modern touch to the traditional whiskey bar setting. Exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and dim lighting create a warm and inviting space for whiskey connoisseurs.

A Floral Escape: Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

Gin-centric Cocktails

Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is a tribute to the beloved spirit, offering a menu filled with gin-centric cocktails. From classic gin and tonics to inventive gin fusions, this establishment caters to gin enthusiasts with a flair for creativity.

Victorian-era Decor and Artifacts

The decor at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour transports patrons to the Victorian era. Antique furniture, vintage artifacts, and a charmingly cluttered ambiance create a whimsical and nostalgic atmosphere.

Unique Gin Experiences

Beyond its cocktails, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour offers unique gin experiences. From gin tastings to immersive events, the bar ensures that patrons leave with a deeper appreciation for this classic spirit.

Artistic Libations: Oriole in Smithfield

Art-inspired Cocktails

Oriole in Smithfield is a haven for art and cocktail lovers alike. The menu features drinks inspired by artistic movements, offering a multisensory experience that combines visual and gustatory pleasures.

Live Music and Immersive Experiences

Beyond its artistic cocktails, Oriole hosts live music performances and immersive experiences. The eclectic lineup adds a dynamic element to the bar, making each visit a celebration of both art and mixology.

Global Influence on Drink Creations

The drink creations at Oriole draw inspiration from global flavors and ingredients. The bar’s commitment to diversity ensures a rich tapestry of tastes that cater to a broad spectrum of palates.

The Speakeasy Vibe: Discount Suit Company in Spitalfields

Cozy and Hidden Location

Hidden away in Spitalfields, Discount Suit Company embodies the speakeasy vibe. The cozy and hidden location adds an air of exclusivity, making it a favorite among those in the know.

Classic Cocktails with a Modern Twist

Discount Suit Company combines classic cocktails with a modern twist. The skilled mixologists put a contemporary spin on traditional recipes, creating drinks that are both familiar and surprising.

Exclusive and Intimate Setting

The intimate setting at Discount Suit Company ensures a personalized and exclusive experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a casual drinker, the bar’s charm is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Personalized Touch: The Connaught Bar in Mayfair

Tailored Cocktails and Personalized Service

The Connaught Bar in Mayfair is synonymous with tailored cocktails and personalized service. The skilled bartenders take the time to understand individual preferences, creating truly one-of-a-kind drinks.

Elegant and Sophisticated Ambiance

Step into The Connaught Bar, and you step into an oasis of elegance. The luxurious surroundings and attentive service contribute to a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance.

Award-winning Mixologist Agostino Perrone

At the helm of The Connaught Bar is the award-winning mixologist Agostino Perrone. His expertise and creative approach to mixology have earned the bar a spot among the world’s best, making it a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts.

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The Final Words

London’s cocktail bars are a testament to the city’s rich and diverse nightlife. From the classic elegance of The Savoy to the hidden gems like Nightjar and the trendsetting vibes at Oriole, each establishment contributes to the tapestry of experiences awaiting those who seek the best in mixology.

Embark on a journey through the cocktail culture of London, where every sip tells a story and every bar has its unique charm. Whether you prefer the historical significance of The Savoy or the modern innovation at ECC, London has cocktail bars for every taste.

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