Custom Flip Top Boxes: A Perfect Combination Of Sleekness And Convenience

Custom flip top boxes are a perfect combination of sleekness and convenience. This box is easy to open so the packagers do not need to put much effort into packaging products. Besides this, the unique shape and lid give a beguiling and unconventional to the box. 

Today rarely does any brand pack its products in general packaging. The use of general packaging just provides protection however today the company expects much more from the packaging than just product protection which is why box customization is becoming prevalent. 

Flip top boxes have the best features that include product protection, attractive look, catchy designs, appealing shape, and style. If you are not very aware of this box style then do not worry and just read the blog to clear all your concepts. 

What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes? 

Flip-top boxes have a flipping lid that does not need to be tucked inside. The box lid is closed with the help of a magnetic lock. In these boxes, most of the time delicate products like fragrances, serums, watches, ties, belts, and chocolates are packed. Companies can also use flip top gift boxes to pack favors, souvenir gifts, invitation cards, etc. 

Sleekness And Convenience Of Flip-Top Boxes

For the packaging of delicate and premium products, the packaging must be strong and luxurious. Besides this, to show customers about the premiums of the brand it is also important to design the boxes attractively. Flip-top boxes have all the essential features that a brand desires for its products, such as: 

Firm Look 

Flip top packaging boxes have a firm look that makes the customer think positively about your brand. There are two things that give the boxes a firm look, namely: the shape of the boxes and the material used to manufacture them. 

The material used to manufacture the boxes is rigid material. This material has a grammage of more than 1000 which gives marvelous strength to the boxes and a pleasantly firm look. So for your premium fragrances or other delicate products, the flip-top box style is the ideal one. 

Enticing Appearance 

The enticing appearance of the boxes makes them ideal for commercial purposes. The upper lid area of the boxes can be designed with intricate and aesthetic designs. These designs make the custom flip top packaging boxes splendid in appearance. When customers see the products packed in such enticing boxes they become fans of that brand and start selecting their products.

Easy To Use

Like custom boxes with handles, flip-top boxes are also easy to use. Certainly, these boxes do not have a top handle from where you can hold the boxes, nonetheless, the boxes have a flipping lid that can be opened and closed without any hassle. 

Some of the packaging styles look so elegant like lock bottoms but the problem with them is that they sometimes need to be ripped to access the product. On the other hand,  flip top boxes do not require ripping off the boxes to take the product out. 

Attractive Magnetic Locks 

The business of flip-top packaging is not only associated with its style and firmness but also due to its catchy and unconventional opening. The boxes have a magnetic lid that makes them attractive. This magnetic lid makes the boxes luxurious and reusable.

Such boxes have the tendency to grab the customer’s attention and increase the value of the packed items, customers willing pay some additional price if a product gives them a luxurious vibe. And flip-top boxes successfully do so. 

Luxurious Add-Ons 

Additionally, the custom boxes with a flipping lid have some of the finest and most catchy add-ons used on them. These add-ons multifold the elegance of the boxes and immensely increase the sales of your products. 

Take the example of embossing and debossing, both are the faces of one coin and have the same ability to enhance the uniqueness of boxes. In the same way, metallic foilings help to enhance the design or typography on the boxes, making them one of a kind. 

Printed Logo And Your Brand Representation 

Like all the custom packaging, the flip-top boxes give extensive opportunities to promote the brand. Adding the logo of your brand, the boxes will convert into a marketing tool helping you to promote your brand. The representation of a brand is crucial for growth and nothing can be a better promotional tool than the packaging. 

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Custom flip top boxes are considered the perfect combination of sleekness and convenience as they have the ability to attract the customer without needing much complicated designing. The boxes are easy to use as the boxes do need to be tucked or tapped. Besides this, a flip-top box allows extensive branding opportunities due to the elegantly printed or stamped logo on its surface. 

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