Best Places To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online for Any Budget

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding and wondering where to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses that won’t break the bank? Look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best places to buy bridesmaid dresses online, catering to every budget.

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Why Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online?

Before we delve into the exciting world of online bridesmaid dress shopping, let’s take a moment to explore why it’s a fantastic option for both brides and bridesmaids alike.

In the digital age, online shopping has revolutionized the way we approach wedding planning, offering a plethora of advantages. Here’s why buying bridesmaid dresses online is an excellent choice:

Convenience: Online shopping eliminates the need for multiple in-store appointments, allowing you to browse through a wide array of dresses from the comfort of your own home. This convenience is especially valuable for brides and bridesmaids with busy schedules.

Variety: Online stores offer an extensive selection of bridesmaid dresses in different styles, colours, and price ranges. You’re no longer limited to what’s available in a physical store.

Affordability: Online stores often have competitive prices and frequent promotions. This means that regardless of your budget, you can find stylish bridesmaid dresses that won’t break the bank.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses Online

While online shopping for bridesmaid dresses is undeniably convenient, several crucial factors need to be taken into account to ensure a successful purchase:

1. Budget

Your budget plays a significant role in the dress selection process. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or have a more flexible budget, there are choices available for everyone.

2. Style and Color

Consider the style and colour of the bridesmaid dresses that will complement your wedding theme. Online stores typically offer filters and sorting options to help you narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

3. Sizing

Accurate sizing is crucial. Different brands may have slightly different sizing charts, so be sure to consult the specific chart provided by the online store. It’s often a good idea to have your bridesmaids professionally measured to ensure the best fit.

4. Return Policy

It’s essential to check the return and exchange policy of the online store. This ensures that you have a backup plan in case the dresses don’t fit as expected.

5. Delivery Time

Factor in the lead time for delivery when planning your purchase. It’s wise to order well in advance to allow time for any necessary alterations.

The Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Now, let’s explore the best online stores for bridesmaid dresses, categorized by budget:

Affordable Options

  1. Lulus
    • Lulus is renowned for its stylish and budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses. They offer a wide range of options in various colours and styles, making it easy to find something that fits your wedding theme.
    • One standout feature of Lulus is its inclusion of customer reviews, allowing you to benefit from the experiences of previous buyers. This can be invaluable when making your choice.
  2. ASOS
    • ASOS is a popular destination for those seeking trendy and affordable bridesmaid dresses. They offer a variety of styles and sizes, making it a great choice for bridesmaids on a tight budget.

Mid-Range Selections

  1. BHLDN
    • BHLDN offers a curated collection of elegant bridesmaid dresses. Their focus on quality and stylish designs has made them a favourite among brides.
    • To enhance the shopping experience, BHLDN provides virtual appointments where you can receive personalized guidance and recommendations.
  2. Nordstrom
    • Nordstrom offers a wide range of mid-range bridesmaid dresses. Their commitment to quality and exceptional customer service makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a balance between affordability and quality.

High-End Choices

  1. Jenny Yoo
    • If you’re looking for luxurious bridesmaid dresses, Jenny Yoo is a top choice. They are known for their exquisite designs and high-quality fabrics.
    • This is the perfect destination for those with a more flexible budget who want to invest in designer bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Vera Wang
    • Vera Wang is synonymous with premium bridesmaid dresses. Their selection includes exquisite designs and luxurious fabrics, perfect for brides who want the very best for their bridal party.

Top Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, bridesmaid dress trends come and go. Some of the top trends in recent years include:

Mix-and-Match Styles: Brides are increasingly opting for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses, allowing each member of the bridal party to choose a style that complements their body shape and personal preferences.

Pastel Colors: Soft pastel colours, such as blush, sage green, and light lavender, have gained popularity. These hues are perfect for creating a romantic and ethereal atmosphere.

Sustainable Fabrics: With a growing focus on sustainability, bridesmaid dresses made from eco-friendly fabrics have become a trend. These dresses not only look beautiful but also contribute to a more eco-conscious wedding.

How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress for Your Budget

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress within your budget requires thorough research and careful consideration. Here are some steps to help you on your quest:

Start Early: It’s advisable to begin your search at least 4-6 months before the wedding. This timeframe allows ample time for delivery and potential alterations.

Order Swatches: To confirm colours and fabrics, consider ordering swatches from the online store. This ensures that the actual dresses match your vision.

Sizing Matters: Double-check the online store’s sizing chart and consider professional measurements for your bridesmaids. A well-fitted dress makes all the difference.

Customer Reviews: Before making your final decision, read customer reviews on the online store’s website. Real customer experiences can provide valuable insights into the fit and quality of the dresses.

Customer Service: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the online store’s customer service if you have any questions or concerns. They can offer guidance and help you make the right choice.

Real Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an invaluable resource when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. They offer genuine insights into the fit, quality, and customer service of the online store you’re considering. Be sure to read them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the buying experience.


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses online opens up a world of possibilities, catering to every budget and style preference. By carefully considering factors such as budget, style, and sizing, and by exploring the best online stores, you can find the perfect bridesmaid dresses to make your wedding day truly special.

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  1. How far in advance should I order bridesmaid dresses online? It’s advisable to order at least 4-6 months before the wedding to allow time for delivery and potential alterations.
  2. Can I order swatches to confirm colours and fabrics before making a decision? Yes, many online stores offer swatches to help you make an informed choice.
  3. What should I do if the bridesmaid dresses don’t fit as expected? Check the online store’s return policy and consider professional alterations if necessary.
  4. Are online customer reviews reliable when shopping for bridesmaid dresses? Real customer reviews are a valuable resource for assessing the quality and fit of dresses.
  5. What are the popular bridesmaid dress trends in recent years? Some popular trends include mix-and-match styles, pastel colours, and the use of sustainable fabrics.

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